Edit a Workflow Notification

Edit a Workflow Notification (How To)

There are several places to edit a workflow notification:

  • If the data or language in the email notifications needs editing, edit the letter
  • If the notification isn't triggering at all or is triggering on the wrong items, double check where it has been attached via the Workflow Notification Detail Window >> Usage Tab
  • If the notification is sending but not when expected, or if it is going to the wrong employees, edit the Workflow Notification Detail Window

The following steps will let you edit a workflow notification setup:

Open the Workflow Notification List Window
Setup >> Users and Access >> Workflow Notifications

Open the Workflow Notification Detail Window
Workflow Notifications List Window

Make the necessary adjustments
  • Make the necessary edits on the Edits Tab and the Recipients Tab
Workflow Notification Detail Window

Confirm your edits
  • Click the Save button and close the window
Save Button

It is always a good idea to test your edits thoroughly.