Create EFT File for Submission

Create EFT File for Submission (How To)

Creating the EFT File containing Patron's Payments

At a pre-determed time when you're ready to submit an EFT file for processing:

1. Complete the Deposit the EFT Payments through the End-of-Day Wizard.

2. Create the EFT File for Submission.

3. Submit the EFT File to your Financial Institution for processing.

The process to create the EFT file for submission

1.Complete your Sales / Deposit / Posting as normal through the End-of-Day Wizard. Deposit the EFT payments just as you would with cash.

2.Run your EOD reports as normal.

Reports screen.png
Reports screen.png

3. On the Reports screen, click the ‘Export EFT’ button.

Payment Method Setup for EFT   Top

EFT Payment Method Setup

1. Create a new Payment Method in the Payment Methods Code Table.

2. Set the Payment Type as E.F.T.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

3. Set the Payment Type as E.F.T.

4. Choose the location of where the EFT file is to be created.

5. The EFT file will now be created.

  • At this stage, Theatre Manager has completed its role.

6. Submit the EFT file to your financial instituation's banking system for processing.