Change Unauthorized or Post-Dated Credit Card

Change Unauthorized or Post-Dated Credit Card (How To)

If a credit card has not yet been authorized because it is a post-dated payment or you were operating using emergency mode, you can change the credit card information prior to authorization. The edit process can be initiated from a variety of places:

If the card is used for recurring donations, you need to change it on the Recurring Donation Window in the payment section PRIOR to the next recurring donation being created. If the recurring donation was created and the card won't authorize, change the card number in the Deposit Window.

Existing Payment Edit Window
Existing Payment Edit Window

1. Select one or more unauthorized credit cards in the list of payments. Make sure that all selected payments are for the same patron. 2. Right-click to edit the payments using a context menu. (The deposit and till balance windows also have an edit icon at the top of the window). 3. You will see a window (similar to pictured) that lets you put in the credit card details. Type in (or swipe) a new credit card, expiration date, and name on card. Alternatively, use the lookup to select from a list of prior existing cards on the patron account.

When you update the payment, it will replace the new card on all the existing, selected, not-yet-authorized payments. The next end-of-day process will authorize the edited payments using the replacement credit card information you entered.