Add a Payment (How To)

Add a Payment to an Order   Top

Find the Patron with an outstanding balance.

Click the Orders Tab in the Patron Window.
  • Select the order with the outstanding balance by single clicking on it.
Orders Tab

The Payment Window will open allowing you to make a full or partial payment.
  • Click the Payment button.

Add Payments After the Order is Complete   Top

Later Payments are used to perform a number of important functions such as:

  • Enter payments after the initial sale has been completed
  • Enter additional payments for an order
  • Enter reversing payments
  • Enter post-dated payments
  • Add/Edit order and exchange fees
Open the Patron Order Window by clicking on the Order Tab from the Patron Window.
Orders Tab

Select the order you want to add a payment to.
  • Click the Payment button
Orders Tab

Change any data as needed.
  • Click here for a detailed description of this window and it's functions.

  • Refer to Creating Payments for more information.

  • Click the Payment button

  • The payment is accepted and added to the order.

Orders Payment window