Send Ticketing Site Password Reset

Send Ticketing Site Password Reset (How To)

If a Patron calls and asks for their online password because they have either forgotten it, or don't know that they have one, you can send them a one-time password reset email so they can reset the password themselves. You can initiate this process from two places:

From Contact Card Context Menu

On the patron's Contact Card, click the gear icon next to the primary email address and select Reset web sales password and send one-time login email.

From Patron Detail Contact Info Tab

On the patron's Contact Info Tab, highlight the primary email address and click the Reset Password button.

On the Password Reset Popup, confirm the reset. The email will go out immediately. Have the patron check their inbox for a new email. They can then follow the prompts in the email to change their password. This is exactly the same email that the patron would receive if they had initiated the password reset themselves online.

If the email does not appear in the Patron's inbox within a few minutes, it may have gone to their "SPAM" or "Junk" folder. Have them check those folders. If it is there, they should also adjust their Mail Settings so that future emails from you are not also placed there.