Edit a Pass (How To)

Edit an Existing Pass   Top

Use the following steps to edit an existing pass:

Find and select the pass
Patron Pass Tab

Open the pass details
Open Button

Make the necessary adjustments
Pass Detail Window

Save your changes
  • Click the Save button
  • Close the window
Save Button

Your changes are saved and will affect any related future transactions using this pass. If you changed the Purchase Amount and the order had already been paid, you may need to collect additional payment or refund any difference.

Set Valid Events for a Pass   Top

Use the following steps to adjust which events a specific pass can be redeemed for:

Locate the pass valid event settings
Pass Detail Window >> Valid Plays

Start to add a new valid event (or remove an existing valid event)
  • To add an event:
    • Click the Add button and follow the remaining steps
  • To remove an event:
    • Single-click to select an existing event in the list
    • Click the Delete button
    • Click Save and close the window
Add Button

If adding an event, enter event search parameters
Empty Event Lookup List

If adding an event, instigate the search
  • Click the search icon to process the search
Search Icon

If adding an event, select the desired event
  • Locate the desired event(s)
  • Single-click to select the row(s) (use control-click or command-click on a Mac to select multiple non-contiguous rows)
Event Lookup List Results

If adding an event, complete the addition process
  • Click the Select button, which closes the Event Lookup Window and adds the event(s) to the Valid Events Tab of the selected pass
  • Click the Save button
  • Close the Pass Detail Window
Select Button

The pass can now be redeemed for any event currently listed on it's Valid Events Tab.