Add a Letter to a Pass

Add a Letter to a Pass (How To)

As you are adding a new pass for a patron, Theatre Manager gives you the option to merge the pass with a letter. This letter could be a thank you email, a snail-mail invitation to special member-only event, or anything you wish. Follow these instructions to merge a letter with a pass:

Open the pass and go to the letters tab
Empty Pass Letters Tab

Start a new letter merge
  • Click the New button
  • From the context menu that pops up, select how you want to send the letter (Email or Letter to print and mail)
New Button

Find and select the correct letter to merge
  • On the Letter Lookup Window, use the top search options to find the correct letter
    • Only letters connected to Pass Data will be available in the list
Letter Lookup Window

Merge the letter with the pass data
  • With the letter selected in the list, click Select to prompt the merge process (and close this window)
Select Button

Review the addition of the letter
  • Review the merged letter on the Letters Tab
    • Reference the icon meanings at the bottom of the window
    • Click the Document button to view an editable preview of the letter
Pass Letters Tab With Merged Letter

The letter has been merged with the opened pass and is available to print, edit, or run through batch.