Add an Access Card

Add an Access Card (How To)

Follow these steps to add an access card to a pass:

Find the correct pass
  • Find and open the patron account
  • Go to their Pass/G.C. Tab
  • Find the pass and double-click to open it (or single-click and click the Open button)
Patron Pass Tab

Review the pass details
Pass Detail Window

Open the access card list window
  • Click the Cards button
Cards Button

Review any existing cards attached to the pass
Access Card List Window

Start a new card insertion
  • Click the New button
New Button

Enter the card details
  • On the Access Card Detail Window, enter the following information:
    • The card number
    • Name of the person to be printed on the card
  • Use Status dropdown to select a status for the card (available status options are adjusted in Code Tables)
  • Click the Ok button and close the window
Access Card Detail Window

Repeat the prior steps for any other access cards
  • The card you just added appears on the list
  • Use the previous steps to add any additional access cards to the pass
Access Card List Window