Delete a Pass Setup (Type)

Delete a Pass Setup (Type) (How To)

To delete a pass type, it must not have any saved financial transactions, as these are critical to keep for auditing purposes. Follow these steps:

Open the Pass Setup List Window
Setup >> System Tables >> Pass/G.C. Types

Select the pass to remove
  • Single click to select the pass
  • Click the Delete button
Pass Setup List Window

If the pass can be deleted, review your choice
  • Review the confirmation dialogue as this action cannot be undone
Delete Confirmation Dialogue

If the pass cannot be deleted, review the alert message
  • Click OK on the alert box that notifies you that the pass is unable to be deleted
Delete Failure Alert Box

Confirm your choice
  • On the deletion confirmation dialogue, click Delete
Delete Button

The pass type will be removed from the database and the visible list.