Print Receipts (How To)

You can print a tax receipt from three different starting places:

The steps are very similar from any of the above starting places, but using the Donation Detail Window limits the print results to just the selected receipts. As such, it is considered a manual receipt printing process whereas the other two options operate as a batch printing method.

Batch Print Receipts   Top

The following batch print steps can be started from either:

Open the Print Receipts Wizard
  • Go to Setup >> Batch Functions >> Print Charitable Receipts for Donor to print receipts attached to donations with the per payment receipt option selected
  • Go to Setup >> Batch Functions >> Print Annual Summary of Charitable Receipts for Donor to print receipts attached to donations with the annual statement style receipt option selected
Setup >> Batch Functions >> Print Charitable Receipts for Donor

Adjust the Donation Receipt Tab Settings

On the top part of the Print Receipts Wizard >> Donation Receipt Tab, adjust the following as needed to limit which receipts to print:

  • Next Receipt # (optional)
    • Defaults to the next receipt number as setup in Company Preferences >> Donation Tab
    • Updating it here will NOT affect the Next Available Receipt Number in Company Preferences
  • Campaign (optional)
    • Generally set to All Campaigns unless there's a specific reason to limit the results
  • Calendar Year (mandatory for annual statement style receipts)
  • Name Between (optional)
    • Add the last name of patron(s) to limit receipt results
    • Leave blank to pull all records
  • Fiscal Year (optional)

On the bottom portion of this tab, adjust the following to control which items to display on each receipt:

  • Print Receipt # on Forms
  • Regular Name with Company
  • Campaign: Prompt
  • Number of Copies (this option will not appear for annual statement style receipts)
  • Receipt Comments
Print Receipts Wizard >> Donation Receipts Tab

Click the Next Button
  • Alternatively, click the next tab in the wizard
  • If you do not see a Next button, you have unchecked the Show Report Window as Steps option in your Employee Preferences >> Reports Tab
Next Button

If necessary, adjust how the receipts should be sorted
Print Receipts Wizard >> Sort Tab

Click the Next button
  • Alternatively, skip the next two steps and click Done if you do not want to enter a custom report title
Next Button

If necessary, adjust the custom title(s)
Print Receipts Wizard >> Titles Tab

Click the Done button
  • Alternatively, click the Cancel button to stop the receipt printing process and close the wizard
Done Button

Review the generated tax receipts
Finished Tax Receipt Report Window

With the results generated to your screen, you can now print.

Manually Print a Receipt   Top

This method of printing a receipt is very similar to the the batch printing method, but only prints the selected receipts rather than all receipts meeting the print criteria that also have 0 as their receipt number. Use the following steps to print only selected receipts for a donation with multiple payments:

Find the receipt to be printed
Donation Detail Window > Receipt Tab

Select the receipt record
  • Single-click to select the receipt to print
Open Button

Click the Receipt button
  • With the receipt you want to print selected, click the Receipt button
Receipt Button

Adjust printing criteria as needed
  • On the Print Receipts Wizard >> Donation Receipt Tab, adjust the Print on Receipt options
  • If the donation is set for a per payment style receipt, enter the number of copies you want printed on the final report
  • Add any Comments for the Receipts
  • Unless you have a specific desire to change which receipts to print, you do NOT need to adjust the Next Receipt #, Campaign, Last Name Between, or Calendar Year.
Print Receipts Wizard

Click the Done button
  • If necessary, you can enter a custom title on the Titles Tab before clicking the Done button
Done Button

The receipt will generate to your screen and you can now begin to print or to email it to the patron associated with the donation.