Add a Pledge Reminder to a Donation

Add a Pledge Reminder to a Donation (How To)

Theatre Manager's pledge schedule feature allows you to assign payment reminders to a donor on a specific schedule (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) when their payments are due. To set up a pledge schedule, perform the following steps:

Open the Donation Pledge Schedule/Contacts Tab
Donation Pledge Schedule/Contacts Tab

Start a new pledge schedule setup process
  • Click the Add Pledge button on the button left of the window

Enter the schedule details on the Pledge Setup Window
  • Enter the correct information as per your payment schedule agreement with the patron:
    • Send Reminder As
      • Pick between letter or email
    • Date First Pledge Due
      • Defaults to the current date
      • Should be set to the date that the first payment reminder is sent
    • Total To Schedule
      • Defaults to the total donation amount
    • # of New Reminder
      • Enter total number of payment reminders to schedule
    • Send Reminder
      • Set how many days in advance of the due date that each reminder should be scheduled
    • Pledge Frequency
Pledge Setup Window

Add a letter to use as the payment reminder
  • Click the Search icon to search for the right letter
Letter Search Icon

On the Letter Lookup Window, search for the letter you want to use
  • Select a search field from the dropdown, enter appropriate search parameters, and click the magnifying glass icon to instigate the search
Letter Lookup Window

Choose a letter
  • Single-click to select the right letter and click the Select button
Select Button

Review the details on the Pledge Setup Window
  • Make any adjustments to your prior selections as necessary
Pledge Detail Window

Save the pledge schedule
  • Click the Add button
Add Button

Review the pledge reminders that have been added to the Pledge Schedule/Contacts Tab
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the created reminders and close the window when all set
Donation Pledge Schedule/Contacts Tab