Add a Gift in Kind (How To)

Though payment may not be cash, it is important to process gifts in-kind in Theatre Manager for tacking and tax receipt purposes. There is a special built-in payment method to accomplish this. Follow these steps to add a gift in-kind record:

Add a new donation for the perceived value of the gift
  • Follow the standard donation entry steps to create a new donation record
  • Enter the appraised amount of the item(s) or service(s) in the Donation Amount

Take Payment
  • Click the Payment button to go the Payment Screen
  • Select Gift In Kind from the Payment Method dropdown
  • Enter a description of the Gift In Kind, Appraiser's Name, and Appraiser's Address
    • This information may be required for auditing purposes
  • Close the order
Payment Screen >> Details Tab

The gift in kind donation will now appear in all places that a regular donation does.