Donate Value from a Ticket Refund

Donate Value from a Ticket Refund (How To)

A patron may come to you and tell you that they cannot attend an upcoming event and would like to refund their tickets, but they also tell you that they would like the company to keep the money as a donation. Theatre Manager has a built-in function to handle this situation. To convert a refunded ticket to a donation, perform the following steps:

Select the tickets to be returned
  • Use the Contact List to locate and open the desired patron record
  • On the Patron Ticket Tab, select the ticket(s) to be refunded
    • Only tickets within the same order can be refunded at the same time
Patron Ticket Tab

Start the ticket return process
  • Click the Refund button
Refund Button

Review the Ticket Review Screen
Order Window > Ticket Review Screen

Finish the ticket return
  • Click the Confirm button to prompt Theatre Manager to process the ticket return
    • The order will now have an outstanding credit balance because the value of the payments is greater than the value of the items in the order
Confirm Button

Go to the Donation Screen
Order Window >> Donation Screen

Add a new donation to the order
New Button

Identify the donation as a result of a ticket return
  • On the Donation Refund Options popup dialogue asking if this donation is a result of returning tickets, click Tix Refund option
Donation Refund Confirmation Popup

Enter the key donation details
  • On the blank Donation Detail Window, Theatre Manager will auto-complete:
    • Amount with the value of the outstanding order credit from the ticket refund
    • Source (Donation Type) with the value Ticket Refund
  • Review and edit any information as needed on the Details Tab and Notes Tab
Donation Detail Window

Close the order
  • When you save and close the donation, the order balance in the lower left corner will read 0 and you may now close the order window without any payment adjustments
Order Window >> Donation Screen