Add an Anonymous Gift

Add an Anonymous Gift (How To)

Some patrons may want to make a donation, but remain anonymous. This can be done easily in Theatre Manager by changing the Program Name for the specific donation. To create an anonymous donation, use the following steps:

Open the patron window
Patron Donation Tab

Start a new donation
  • Click the New button
New Button

Enter the details of the donation
  • On the blank Donation Details Tab, enter the donation details:
    • Select the appropriate Campaign
    • Select the correct Solicitor
    • Enter the correct Source (Donation Type) (usually Donation (gift))
    • Enter the total donation Amount
    • Select the appropriate Receipt Option
    • Change the default Program Name to Anonymous
    • If you want this donor to be recognized under a specific letter in a program listing report, alter the Sort Name accordingly
Donation Detail Window

Proceed to the *Payment Screen*
  • Click the Payment button
Payment Button

Take payment to complete the donation
Order Payment Screen