Add a Gift from an Agency on Behalf of Individuals

Add a Gift from an Agency on Behalf of Individuals (How To)

There are some agencies (like United Way) that collect money and give you a donation that is really from a number of people. If those people's donations need to be individually receipted, then you have to sell a gift certificate to the main agency and pay for it using their check. Here are the steps:

Open the patron record for the agency who sent the check
  • Open the Patron Window for the agency account
  • Go to the Pass/G.C. Tab and click the Buy button to start the process to sell a new pass
Patron Window

Sell a dollar value gift certificate
  • Edit the Issued Passes Amount to the full value of the agency check
  • Click Save
  • Close the Pass Detail Window
Pass Detail Window

Add a new donation to the individual patron accounts

Pay for each donation with a pass
  • For each donation order, choose Pass as the Payment Method
Payment Screen

Select the gift certificate you sold to the agency for payment
  • In the Pass Payment Selection Screen, locate the agency gift certificate and use the Accept button to apply it
  • Repeat for all individuals until the full amount of the agency's gift certificate has been applied
Pass Payment Screen