Add a Donation (How To)

New Donation Window
New Donation Window

You can process a new donation from the Patron Window or from the Order Window. Regardless of where you start from, the donation detail entry steps are the same.

Add Donation from Patron Window   Top

Find and open the patron
  • Open the Contact List, search for the patron, and double-click their name (or single-click and hit the Open button) to open their Patron Window
Contact List

Go to the Donation tab and start a new donation
Patron Window

Enter the pertinent donation details and take payment
Completed Donation Detail Window

Add Donation from Order Window   Top

Open a new or existing order
Order Window

Start a new donation from the Donation Screen
New Button on the Order Donation Screen

Review the added donation(s)
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 for any additional donations
Order Donation Screen with Saved Unpaid Donation

Take payment for the added donation(s)
Order Payment Screen

Enter Donation Details   Top

Once you have started the donation entry process from the Patron Window or from the Order Window, use the following steps to complete the donation details.

Enter the pertinent details of the donation on the Details tab

On the Donation Detail Window, enter the following information:

  1. Campaign
  2. Donation Type
  3. Donation Amount
  4. Tax Receipt Type
  5. Receipt Style Choice

Review the default values provided in the following fields and manually alter if needed:

  1. Donation Date
  2. Solicitor
  3. Program Year
  4. Fiscal Year
  5. Tax Receipt Name
  6. Program Name
  7. Sort Name
  8. Non-Receipt Benefit Amount
Donation Details Tab

If relevant, add notes specific to this donation

Click on the Notes Tab and enter any applicable notes about the donation.

Donation Notes Tab

If relevant, add a pledge reminder and/or thank you letter