Login to the API (How To)

There are two ways to log into the REST API:

  • As a human using a browser or other program to view data. You will be prompted for a user id and password as per the help page.
  • From a program which submits requests and manages the data that returns. Current options are HTTP Basic Authentication or JWT

Login to the REST API From a Browser   Top

Step 1

Go to the API login site: https://tickets.yourvenue.org/api/v1 with your domain name replacing the .yourvenue.org.

Step 2

  1. The server will respond with a login screen where you provide:
    • The email address you use to log into the web site such as myemail@venue.org.
      • If you have multiple logins in an outlet version of TM, you may need to type your email address followed by an outlet=xx and patron=yy specification ALA myemail@venue.org;outlet=xx;patron=yy.
    • The password you use for online webstore.

Step 3

If you see this window showing a list of the top level endpoints, you have successfully accessed the API.

Login to the REST API From a Program   Top

Programmatically, there are currently two options to log into the REST API. You can use: