Print, Email & Queue a Report (How To)

From the Finished Report Window, you can click the Print button to open your computer system's printer dialogue options:

Mac Printer Dialogue
  1. Select the correct printer.
  2. Select the number of copies and page range.
  3. Click the Print button.

Windows Printer Dialogue
  1. Select the Printer Name.
  2. Select the paper size and orientation.
  3. Click the OK button.

Email a Report   Top

To email a PDF version of the report, follow these steps:

Step 1

Click the Email button at the top of the Finished Report Window to open the Email Report to Patron Window.

Step 2

Choose the Send From email address:

Step 3

Select the Send To email address by either:

  • Typing part of the patron name or company or
  • Typing part of an email list name

In either case, if you pause typing for a short period, a selection list will pop up letting you pick somebody else to add to the email distribution list.

The Report will be sent to the primary email address pulled from the patrons record.

Step 4

Edit the Subject Line as desired.

Step 5

Enter any desired text in the Body Field below the subject. You can type something or select an option from the Use Template Dropdown, which shows template letters set up as a cover letter.

Step 6

Click the Send Email button in the lower right of the window.

Queue a Report   Top

Submitting a Report to Queue Example

To run a report in the background report server instead of immediately on your local machine, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Report Selection Window.
  2. Select a Report Category on the left side.
  3. Select a report on the right side that matches your needs.
  4. Click the Print button (or double-click on the report name).
  5. Follow each of the tabs in the Report Build Options Tabs, starting with the Search Tab to enter criteria to limit the data that will appear on the report.
  6. Click Queue button (instead of the Done button), which opens a drop-down window where you can edit the following:
    • Report Name (defaults to the system report name)
    • Description (this should be changed to something that will let you recognize it later, e.g. Year end financial statement)
    • Run After (defaults to current date and time, but can adjusted to pull the report in the future)

To view previously queued reports, see the Report Queue List Window.