Find a Report

Find a Report (How To)

At the top of each completed report is the Run Similar button, which provides a drop down of reports that can be used to create similar reports in a different format.

Step 1

From the Report Selection Window, select the report that sounds closest to what you are looking for.

Step 2

Run this report with your desired criteria.

Step 3

From the Finished Report Window, click the Run Similar button. A drop down will appear with a list of reports that use the same data files as your original selection.

Step 4

Select one of the report options provided.

Step 5

Theatre Manager will open a new Report Build Window and automatically load the criteria you used to run the original report. Finish running this new report.

Step 6

Review the format of the completed second report. If you like the format, use the Alter Criteria button to make any necessary final adjustments. If you don't like the format, repeat this run similar process to quickly view a different report format.