Sales Rules

Sales Rules (Explanation)

Sales rules are used to alter a typical sales promotion to another, more restricted, one. They do this by applying a promotion conversion (or mapping) that associates a starting (or "from") sales promotion/price code with an ending (or "to") sales promotion/price code. Conceptually, the term "sales rule" and the phrase "promotion conversion" are interchangeable.

Sales rules can be used in conjunction with one or more of:

  • Coupon codes (to give discounts to selected patrons)
    • Discount-style coupon codes require you to specify a sales rule.
  • Passes (to convert applicable tickets to another price)
    • Average dollar per admission type passes require you to specify a sales rule.
  • Custom plugins (to specify automatic conversions if the plugin identifies an eligible situation)

Although sales rules are not exclusive for use in online sales, they are particularly useful for self-service web sales. They are also useful in tracking the type of ticket(s) that have been purchased for any given event. By applying a promotion conversion, you can easily track how many tickets were sold using a specific coupon code or pass type.

To visualize how a sales rule re-maps promotions, review the Sales Rule Detail Window, then review where a sales rule is specified on a pass and on a coupon code.