Sales Promotions

Sales Promotions (sales-promotions)

Sales promotions are used during the ticket purchase process to indicate how the base ticket price (the price set on a price code) is to be altered to arrive at the final ticket price. A sales promotion is a discount or a markup (or a combination of both) that is added to a ticket at the time of purchase. A ticket sold at "full" price has a sales promotion that has a no markup and no discount.

These markups and discounts can be percentages or fixed amounts, e.g:

  • A half price sales promotion has a 50% discount
  • A group discount could be $4.00 off the regular price
  • A special promotion that includes a reception may reduce the show ticket by 10% but also have a markup of $40.00 to cover the reception admission.
  • A special senior price that is always $7.00, which combines a 100% discount on the base price with a $7.00 markup.

Promotions can be setup to work on all price codes or limited to only one/some price codes (e.g. a markup only on premium seat locations for an optional merchandise or meet & greet package).

The basic calculation of a final ticket price BEFORE tax is: Ticket Base Price - Sales Promotion Discount + Sales Promotion Markup

Sales promotions are the heart of ticket pricing. You cannot sell a ticket without first selecting a promotion to attach to the seat. The promotion calculates the final price, allowing you to offer discounts based on promotion offers, VIP status, etc. When building a performance, you much decide which sales promotions are available for use internally and online.

Get started by reviewing sample promotions and setups and then the Sales Promotion Detail Window.