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Community's Categories View

Community was created in May 2018 with the purpose of encouraging Theatre Manager users to communicate directly with each other, sharing information, best practices, and experiences within the larger Theatre Manager Community.

Community was launched alongside other Artsman social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. When asked what surprises her most about Community, Artsman's Bonnie Hamilton says, "I actually find anytime, when our clients who are not as active, step into a leadership role in the Community forums, helping and sharing their voice with others on the platform. That's my favourite part about Community, seeing our clients interact with one another."

Artsman encourages all Theatre Manager users to join Community to learn, share and stay up to date on everything Theatre Manager.

Popular Community Posting Categories include:

Artsman Coffee Time with the goal of assisting clients through short webinars on using the more advanced features of Theatre Manager, with webinars like:

  • event setup
  • season subscriptions
  • coupons and pre-sale access codes
  • building a theatre map.
Job Posting Channel
Job Posting Channel

Job Posting Category with ongoing recruitment opportunities from other like-minded arts workers. A snipped of postings from this week includes employers from:

  • Miami, FL
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Toronto, ON
  • Fish Creek, WI
  • Wayne, NJ
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Troy, NY

Lots of User Discussions on Specific Topics

Three Thought Thursday
Three Thought Thursday

Three Thought Thursday's are archived in Community. Simply search for Three Thought Thursday to find the historical list of every TTT sent. You can search by key word, date, or category, which is a lot easier to navigate when there is so much information available.